Best dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh City‎

12 Best Dental Clinics in Ho Chi Minh City‎

Doosan‎‎ has ‎‎ ‎‎synthesized for you the 12 Best ‎‎ ‎‎Dental Clinics in Ho Chi Minh City with a team of experienced doctors, safe and guaranteed service quality, reasonable dental service costs by understanding the psychology of patients who are in need of dental examination or care. ‎

1. Nha Viet – Dentistry 2000 – District 1‎

‎NhaViet Dental Implant Center is‎‎ the first implant center established in Vietnam, founded by ‎‎Dr. Vo Van Self Hien‎‎ , and directly involved in the examination and treatment. Dr. Vo Van Hien is the first Vietnamese dentist to be trained in dental implants in the US, the first doctor to bring Implant techniques from the US to deploy in Vietnam, former director of the dental implant department of Central Dental Hospital Ho Chi Minh City. ‎

‎Dr. Vo Van Hien is currently the President of Ho Chi Minh City Dental Association, President of International Association of Implant Experts in Vietnam, Director of ICOI Vietnam Senior Appraisal Council, and Ambassador of ICO Association.‎

Dr. Vo Van Hien

Dr. Vo Van Duc is the first dentist to bring Implant techniques from the US to deploy in Vietnam‎

‎Viet Dental Implant Center has a very professional examination and treatment process. Before treatment, the team of doctors (2 or more doctors) will consult thoroughly, discussing treatment plans tailored to the needs, time funds as well as financial plans of patients. ‎

‎Viet Dental Implant Center is equipped with intensively invested machinery and equipment, contributing to optimizing the effectiveness of treatment and post-surgery, especially focusing on prevention of infection and cross-contamination. The materials used at the clinic are strictly controlled and carefully selected by doctors.‎

2. Xo Viet Dentistry – Binh Thanh District‎

‎Soviet dentistry‎‎ is a prestigious dental address in Binh Thanh District. ‎‎ In addition, Dr. Phu Hien is also participating in many advanced training courses on Sinus Augmentation, Implant bone grafting of the National Institute of Molars.‎

Dr. Nguyen Phu Hien

Dr. Nguyen Phu Hien with more than 10 years of professional experience‎. The medical team of the Soviet dental clinic has extensive and intensive experience. Modern clinic equipment to respond to complex treatment cases and at the same time be disinfected regularly. Therefore, Soviet dentistry is highly appreciated by patients on Docosan, especially ‎‎invisalign and‎‎ implant.‎

‎3. Tam Anh Dental Clinic – District 2‎

Tam Anh Dental Clinic

‎Tam Anh Dental Clinic operates‎ with the motto “Quality creates trust”. Understand that new core values last the same five months so always put the word “MIND” on top during the process of working with customers. In particular, Dr Ngoc with more than 10 years of experience specializing in Molars and a team of other doctors have graduated from university and worked at large hospitals. ‎

‎The equipment at Tam Anh Dental Clinic is new and modern, especially the absolute erile process meets international standards to help patients feel secure when visiting here. ‎

‎Tam Anh Dental Clinic officially meets the standard of cooperation with Docosan Medical Schedule application in 2020. In October 2020, Nha kha Tam Anh is having a promotion program:‎

  • ‎Free Consultation & Filming ‎‎for customers who make appointments via Docosan platform. ‎
  • ‎20% discount on dental services (except ‎‎implants‎)

‎4. Dental Assure Dental Clinic – District 3‎

Dental Assure Dental Clinic

‎Assure Dental Clinic is‎‎ a good and reputable dental clinic in District 3. With modern equipment and a team of experienced dentists, cultivated abroad, it will surely bring certainty to customers’ teeth. ‎

‎Assure Dental Clinic is managed and operated by Dentist ‎‎Hoang ‎‎ ‎‎Trung ‎‎ ‎‎Hieu.‎‎ After graduating from Hanoi Medical University, Dentist Hieu spent some time studying in the Philippines and the United States. Dentist Hoang Trung Hieu’s examination expertise is Implantation, Cosmetic Dentistry, Digital Smile Design, and Dental Pulp Treatment.‎

‎5. New York Dental Clinic – District 1

New York Dental Clinic

‎New York Dentistry‎‎ is one of the oldest international dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh City since the 1990s. Currently, the dental clinic is always equipped with advanced and modern equipment, providing comprehensive service packages including diagnostic services, examination, general and intensive dental treatment.‎

‎All treatment cases are conducted by ‎‎Dr. Nguyen Minh Hien‎‎ himself who is highly trained domestically and internationally with 30 years of experience.‎

‎New York Dentistry is the official partner of the Docosan platform from 2020. Promotions for customers who make an appointment with New York Dentistry at Docosan:‎

  • ‎Bleaching: 40% off + free cvr, price km 1tr499‎
  • ‎Transparent braces down 15%, donating maintenance troughs after braces‎
  • ‎Braces with braces reduced by 20%, donated maintenance troughs after braces‎
  • ‎Wrapping/gluing porcelain veneer reduced by up to 20% when making combo 6-8-10-20 teeth‎
  • ‎HQ implant reduced by 15%, donated CT cone beam film‎

‎6. ASIA Dental Clinic – District 9‎

ASIA Dental Clinic

‎Asia Dental ‎‎clinics are‎‎ located on the main roads in the cities to help customers visit conveniently. All clinics are clean, luxurious, working through noon, saving time for customers.‎

‎Eptic is a mandatory requirement of Asia dental clinic system to ensure safety, efficiency and avoid cross-contamination to customers. This is shown by the fact that each dental chair is 1 room, each guest on arrival will arrange into a separate room and each customer is a separate set of drilling hands, kits. At the same time, Asia Dentistry also pioneered the construction of a central ileothile room – steaming color indicators, steaming days.‎

‎Customers will experience the world’s most modern equipment such as Conebeam CT 3D X-ray Machine, Panorex – Cephalometric machine, CAD/CAM 3D porcelain tooth design technology, 3D dental sample printer, Simplant 3D analysis software, VCeph 3D technology, Brite Smile tooth whitening machine …‎

‎Docosan Patient Program:‎

‎1. 15% discount on Implant service.‎

‎2. 20% discount for orth alignment service.‎

3. 30% discount for porcelain tooth restoration, open smile surgery, pulp treatment.‎

‎4. 40% discount on ‎fillings,‎‎ ‎‎gingivitis treatment.‎

‎5. Lime shaving, polishing service with 50% discount or applying incentives for 2 people only charge 1 person.‎

‎6. Free milk tooth extraction offer‎.

‎7. Ho Chi Minh City Dental Hospital – District 1‎

Ho Chi Minh City Dental Hospital

‎With 44 years of operation experience, Ho Chi Minh City Dental Hospital is the oldest dental hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City Dental Hospital Formerly known as Dental Station under the Department of Health, the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City issued a decision on establishment in 1976‎

‎The hospital owns a system of facilities, modern equipment, interior departments – Rooms are always decorated. Promoting scientific and technical activities and international cooperation. The team of highly specialized doctors, constantly improving, applying advanced science and techniques in treatment, bringing prestige to the Hospital and the trust of patients.‎

8. The East Rose Dental – District 2‎

The East Rose Dental

‎The East Rose Dental is‎‎ equipped with state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art machinery and an extremely rigorous larva procedure that makes treatment quick, gentle, convenient and prevents absolute infection.‎

‎If your teeth are darkened due to tetracycline infections, coral teeth, teeth or teeth are crowded or you lose teeth, bad teeth, then The East Rose Dental can completely help bring you a healthy smile. In addition, The East Rose Dental applies CAD/CAM technology, which helps to make porcelain teeth with high accuracy and aesthetics. In addition, Dentistry also applies simulation technology so it always achieves optimal treatment quality. ‎

‎The East Rose Dental clinic has certificates and thoughtful warranty when restoring porcelain and implant.‎

‎In 2020, The East Rose Dental officially accompanied docosan platform to bring customers a beautiful smile. ‎

‎9. I-Dent – Prestigious Dental Clinic – Binh Thanh‎

I-Dent – Prestigious Dental Clinic

‎One of the quality dental clinics in Saigon is I-DENT. I-Dent has many doctors with high professional qualifications, many years of experience in studying in France or the National Hospital of Molars. ‎

‎The special feature of I-DENT Dentistry chosen by many patients is the quality of service according to French standards but the cost is very suitable for the majority of patients in Vietnam. Established for more than 6 years, I-DENT Dentistry has successfully performed a total of more than 7,000 implants, 5,000 porcelain dental restoration cases, bringing health and smiles to nearly 10,000 patients‎

‎In addition to focusing on investment in the quality of treatment, I-DENT dentistry still ensures an economical cost, suitable for the overall income of the vast majority of Vietnamese people. One point that many patients are satisfied with at I-DENT Dentistry is the transparency and clarity of the cost to the patient before treatment. Implement the commitments on results after treatment, warranty policy, support to answer problems of patients before, during and after treatment. ‎

‎10. Paris Dental Clinic – District 1, District 10, Tan Binh District‎

Paris Dental Clinic – District 1

‎If you are looking for a dental clinic that is not only quality but at a reasonable cost, then opt for Parisian dentistry. ‎

‎Headed by Paris Dentistry is Dr Phillippe Tarot – Professor of Molars at the University of Montpelier France. He is also a member of the French Orth orth of Molars Association and a member of the “Charles Tweed International Orth aligned Research Organization” TUCSON USA‎

‎In addition, Paris Dentistry regularly has the most competitive customer appreciation programs in Ho Chi Minh City today.‎

‎Paris Dentistry officially becomes a partner of Docosan Online Medical Booking platform.

At the same time, customers who book on Docosan will enjoy special offers.‎
  • ‎20% discount on braces fee‎
  • ‎50% reduction of nano porcelain teeth, porcelain tooth wrap‎
  • ‎45% discount on teething fees, teeth whitening‎
  • ‎30% reduction in wisdom tooth extraction‎

11. Southeastern Dental – District 10‎

Southeastern Dental

‎Southeast Dental Clinic is a large dental center in Ho Chi Minh City, licensed by the Department of Health. Modern dentistry is built according to the standard: the clinic is arranged separately to erile standards. Dental chairs, equipment, machines are checked and innovated periodically to help customers have the most comfortable and effective experience.‎

‎After more than 15 years of operation, if the treatment is highly effective thanks to the deep expertise of the top specialist team, most noting the Implant implant service to help customers know the name of Southeast Dentistry, the following factors are what makes customers decide to stick together for a long time.‎

12. HiDental Dental‎

HiDental Dental‎

‎A team of highly specialized, well-trained doctors from prestigious universities in the field of dentistry, with many years of experience in the profession, consulting in accordance with medical prescribing, offer solutions to optimally protect your teeth. HiDental Dental Clinic is a reliable place for tourists and foreigners because of the ability of the medical team to use foreign languages at hiDental.‎

‎Docosan has synthesized a list of 12 best dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh City with outstanding services. If you need to see and treat at these best dental clinics, you should call for specific advice on ‎‎ services, costs and make an appointment in advance to save waiting time.

If you need to consult and treat at these best dental clinics in HCM, you should call Docosan for specific advice on ‎‎ services, costs and make an appointment in advance to save waiting time.
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