Spend more time with more patients
(and less time on marketing and paperwork)
Docosan sends you new patients, effortlessly builds your reputation, and helps you deliver an experience patients love.
Advanced tech in a simple package to grow your practice
Data interoperability, security & privacy protection
Docosan HIPAA
U.S. standard data privacy for Vietnamese practice
Docosan will never share identifiable patient data with third parties - the only people who can see an individual patient's record is their doctor.
Docosan HL7 FHIR
Docosan DICOM
FHIR & DICOM compatibility
Patient records are made with FHIR and DICOM protocols so they’re easy to integrate with existing EHR systems.
Docosan security
Highest levels of data protection
Docosan uses high performance cloud servers that protect users from loss of data through robust disaster recovery measures and ensures automatic software and security updates.