Our Vision

There are over 75,000 doctors and 50,000 private clinics across Vietnam - a country whose $17 billion healthcare market is one of the fastest growing in the world. As in many emerging markets, the population's incomes are rising as fast as their expectations in obtaining high quality care, but a lack of transparent information and consumer technology makes it difficult to navigate the system.

Docosan is changing this. Our flagship product is a digital marketplace that lets patients compare healthcare providers across a wide range of specialties, book appointments online 24/7, chat with primary care assistants, and manage their own health data for free. We help doctors massively increase their customer bases as well as improve operational efficiency through our cloud-based scheduling and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

We want to bring the same amount of ease and transparency digital marketplaces have brought to other industries to healthcare. It’s time that finding a great doctor was easy!

Our Approach


We're building a network of Vietnam's best healthcare providers and making it effortless for patients to find and meet them.


We give patients a transparent range of price options to choose from, so patients can choose the right care for their budget.


Our post-consultation review process includes metrics that enable us to better understand the current standard of care and deliver interventions to improve it.


Our software allows patients effortlessly book appointments with great doctors without the need to wait in crowded lines. And best of all, our software lets doctors focus on providing care instead of marketing themselves.

Our Leadership Team

Beth Ann Lopez

Beth Ann Lopez

Harvard School of Public Health Graduate.

Led Singaporean startup mClinica’s public affairs across 6 SEA markets.

Led market entry & app launch in Vietnam and Cambodia

RPCV Cambodia

Natalia Moreno Hendrickson

Natalia Moreno Hendrickson

Harvard College graduate in psychology

Worked at Google in California

Illustrated several published children’s books

Fluent in Chinese

Khanh Gia Vuong

Vuong Gia Khanh

Bachelors in Software Engineering from Vietnam National University of Information Technology

7 years of full stack software development experience at international companies